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A bold Orange based Red colour with the soft squishable Squash and Press feel! 6oz size.

Small batch, simple ingredient, non-toxic playdough, made with organic coconut oil. Squash and pressed with love, by an Early Childhood Educator and mom of 3. Tactile/sensory play is beneficial for all ages, and proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Connect through play and keep it simple! 

*Although our playdough is taste safe and made with %100 food grade ingredients, it also has a high salt content and is not intended for consumption.

*Be sure to seal tight in original container and store away from direct sunlight when not in use. 

*Slight variation in colour may happen over time, and is totally normal. Squash it all up to help remix colour if this occurs.

*We recommend switching out your playdough seasonally to keep things fresh, especially if your playdough is enjoyed by multiple hands. 

*Custom orders available* Email me for more info at*

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