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Daisy Dukes Squash Pack

Daisy Dukes Squash Pack

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Our same Daisy Dukes colour, packed in a party size biodegradable pouch totalling 24oz!! Always with the soft squishable Squash and Press feel!  
Small batch, simple ingredient, non toxic playdough, made with organic coconut oil. Squash and pressed with love, by an Early Childhood Educator and mom of 3. Tactile/sensory play is beneficial for all ages, and proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Connect through play and keep it simple! 

*Although our playdough is taste safe and made with %100 food grade ingredients, it also has a high salt content and is not intended for consumption.

*Be sure to seal tight in original container and store away from direct sunlight when not in use. 

*Slight variation in colour may happen over time, and is totally normal. Squash it all up to help remix colour if this occurs.

*We recommend switching out your playdough seasonally to keep things fresh, especially if your playdough is enjoyed by multiple hands. 

*Custom orders available* Email me for more info at*

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